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We believe that value-based management that is integrated into our decisions and executed in our activity will enable us to provide the good service our clients deserve, as well as the appropriate attitude toward suppliers, the community, the environment, employees, and investors.

We believe that the values of integrity, transparency, accountability, maintenance of human dignity, keeping promises,  since it is these values that will enable us to provide an appropriate solution for our customers, employees and other stakeholders, our suppliers, the community, the environment and investors.

Values Management was founded with the aim of offering Israeli and multinational organizations the knowledge and effective methodology required to deal with the next challenge facing the business world – ethics and value management in the organization to create a competitive advantage. 

 Dr. Adam is an expert in the fields of organizational and managerial ethics, corporate governance, and corporate social responsibility, and in the assimilation of ethical and social responsibility programs into organizations.

Dr. Adam provides organizational consultancy services in the fields of ethics in business management, corporate social responsibility, and corporate governance. He has been a visiting researcher in the Universities of Berkeley and Stanford in California. 

In the framework of his activity, Dr. Adam researches the integration of ethics, corporate governance, and corporate social responsibility in business and non-business organizations. His consultancy specialties include, amongst others, the development of Codes of Ethics, and the formation of assimilation processes for ethics and social responsibility programs in organizations, in accordance with the requirements of the market and of Israeli and US legislation.

In the course of his experience, Dr. Adam acts to develop and assimilate ethics and social responsibility programs and to manage complex projects in an applied manner in both public administration and in the business market, and makes use of ethics as a management tool.