What We Do

Many organizations worldwide and in Israel already recognize the importance of values, corporate social responsibility, and ethical programs, and their contribution to the firms activities and success.

  1. Development of a Code of Ethics that defines the values and norms of the organization: these express the obligations of the organization to the various stakeholders. The Code of Ethics enables the development of problem solving mechanisms in cases of conflicts of interest and ethical dilemmas. The code and its effective emplementaion strengthens the organization ability to comply with the law and fit the rules of permitted and forbidden and, beyond these rules, presents ideals according to which the members of the organization ought to behave.
  2. Ethics and Compliance Programs: Ethics programs that were developed by VM contribute to strengthening organizational culture and the corporate responsibility of our clients, provide a tool box for successful management, and enable them to comply with American law and Israeli legislation. Development of the position of Ethics/Compliance Officer.
  3. Corporate Social Responsibility Programs in accordance with the requirements of the Maala Business for Social Responsibility Index: Social and Environmental Responsibility programs that were developed by VM enable our clients to successfully conduct the various reciprocal relationships between them and their stakeholders. Amongst the most important such stakeholders, we would emphasize the environment, community, clients, employees, stockholders, and suppliers. Development of the position of Ethical Officer and Social Responsibility Officer in the organization.
  4. Organizational Learning Systems: Creation of a learning and developing organization that acts strategically in all its layers, with full synchronization of all the activities in the organization and continuous learning about the external and internal environment.
  5. Matching the Organizations Work Processes to its Strategy: Assimilating the organizations strategy into its work processes enables the organization to act in accordance with its vision, and prevents friction that will otherwise reduce the range of its operations.
  6. Developing Study Days and Workshops in combination with lectures by top specialists in order to develop knowledge of applied ethics and of environmental and social responsibility matched to the needs of the organization. Our activities include the development of workshop programs for ethical leadership, a tool box for management by values and results (MBVR). 
  • Our clients incorporate ethics as a management tool into all the operational areas of the organization.
  • Our clients comply with US law in the area of integrating a Code of Ethics and a Corporate Governance program into the organization into the organization.
  • Our clients improve their contribution to society by managing their reciprocal relationships with customers, employees, suppliers, the community, the environment, and with share holders and directors.
  • Our clients strengthen their ongoing activities and minimize their risk by developing processes for learning and improving the inimitable  capabilities that contribute to their success.
  • Our clients develop an innovative organization whose activities match and support the organizational strategy.