VM is a consultancy firm working in the areas of ethics and organizational change. Led by Dr. Adam, in 2008-9 VM guided ECI Telecom in effectively implementing its Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) program. Prior to this effort, ECIs CSR achievements achieved only the lowest, silver, ranking in the MAALA Business for Social Responsibility Index on the Tel-Aviv Stock Exchange. Upon completion of the project in 2009, ECI achieved the highest ranking of platinum for its commitment to CSR. VM is proud of its clients achievements.

VM represents an exceptional combination of accumulated experience in: leading change processes in organizations, values-based management, the development of Codes of Ethics and the assimilation of ethical programs, corporate governance, and corporate social responsibility programs. VMs activities relate to the various internal and external stakeholders of the organization. We at VM work with our clients to realize their organizations business potential by combining ethics with the management toolbox for the organizations strategic and business success and with tools for making values-based decisions and for creating competitive advantage.

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We believe that the assimilation of a Code of Ethics and value-based management lead organizations to success, because they:


  • Ensure compliance with regulations and legislative requirements;
  • Express commitment to social responsibility;
  • Improve the organizations competitive advantage;
  • Maintain and improve the organizations reputation;
  • Reduce the risk and devloping Risk Management tools  associated with ongoing and future activity;
  • Develop an organizational commitment to excellence.

We guide programs for values-based management, ethics and corporate responsibility from conception through to assimilation in a range of organizations and businesses. Our activities include:


  • Developing a Code of Ethics as a corporate management tool;
  • Building ethical leadership among the managers of the organization;
  • Developing values and a vision for the organization and the methods to enable them to be reflected in day-to-day organizational management;
  • Developing and assimilating effective ethics and compliance programs
  • Developing and assisting in the assimilation of a corporate accountability program;
  • Developing Compliance Officer and Ethics Officer positions in the corporation;
  • Developing ethics-inclined Corporate Governance ;
  • Building measurement systems to examine the effectiveness of the assimilation;
  • Assimilating the organizational strategy, in fit with the ethics and compliance programs, into work processes;
  • Developing ethics programs compatible with Israeli and US legislative requirements.

We at VM work with organizations interested in integrating values, ethics and social responsibility into their practical management, including organization that:

  • Wish to improve their organizational culture;
  • Are required to comply with US, Europeanand anticipated Israeli legislative requirements;
  • Work with US investors;
  • Are looking for new ways to encourage growth and attain added value;
  • Are undergoing merger and acquisition processes, and that are interested in creating an integrated and unified business culture.