What We Believe In

Ethics and social responsibility in business management provide a tool box for organizational management and contribute, through use of a Code of Ethics, to the success of the business organization:


  • Complying with current American and expected Israeli legislation
  • Improving work processes
  • Minimizing risk
  • Protecting and strengthening reputation
  • Improving strategic regeneration processes
  • Developing an organizational culture leading to excellence.


An organization is a complex system that operates in a constantly changing environment. A Code of Ethics is a management tool that enables an organization to define the values and norms that are essential for its survival, well-being, and prosperity. Effective assimilation of a Code of Ethics will enable all organizational members to act to attain these objectives.


The success of an organization is conditional, amongst other things, on the ability of all its components to act harmoniously according to the appropriate strategy while taking advantage of available resources. Developing the organizationĺs values and the norms will assist in improving the ability of the organization to act effectively in accordance with its goals.


The values of an organization provide leverage in competitive markets in which firm reputation is a key to success.