Codes of Ethics and Ethics Programs

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A Code of Ethics comprises of a basket of values and norms for identifying the right action.

An Ethics and Corporate Social Responsibility Program includes the Code of Ethics, the basket of organizational values (that are themselves aimed at ensuring the organizationĺs survival, well-being, and prosperity in the short and long term) and, in accordance with those values, a system of appropriate norms oriented towards the success of the organization in its activities.

Principles of an Ethics Program

The assimilation of ethical rules, which were designed, implemented, and updated by an organization in accordance with its character and fields of operation, achieves two purposes. It advances the interests of the organization while demonstrating social responsibility in the reciprocal relationships that the organization maintains with its stakeholders. Such assimilation:

  •  Deepens the awareness of ethics among organizational members.
  • Enables the development and accommodation of processes and procedures, including mechanisms of control and enforcement;
  • Is a prerequisite to building the role of Ethics Officer in the organization;
  • Enables the subsequent use of teaching and development mechanisms combined with measurement methods.