Ethics & values in successful organizations

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The Business Organization

Every organization has a written or unwritten vision that is based on beliefs, assessments, and opinions relating to the essence of its success. Its vision, values, and norms for appropriate behavior will improve the organizations ability to survive, do well, and even prosper.

A match between the organizations vision, values, and the  norms that guide its employees, on the one hand, and the business environment and various stakeholders, on the other, will contribute to the success of the organization over time.



Correspondence between the vision and norms of the organization and those of the stakeholders.

Correspondence between the vision, values, and norms that guide the organizations employees and the interests of various stakeholders does not exist in every organization.

In the course of time, this lack of correspondence can damage the organizations functioning since, in cases of a conflict of interest, stakeholders will choose their own interests over those of the organization and in this way damage the organizations development.

The role of an effective ethics program or of a social responsibility program is to enable agreement between the interests of the organization and the interests of various stakeholders.